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Top 10 SEO tricks for wapka | Simple way to increase google pagerank of wapka site | get pagerank for wapka site quickly

Add Site to google in this way Many wapka site owners have been asking me this question. I’m happy to inform them that WeBiz has provided an answer. Read carefully: Google crawls every site, but crawls the index (the homepage) faster. With this secret your forums and downloads will be indexed on Google faster and better. 1. Submitting Your Website a. Register a Gmail account incase you don’t have. b. Visit c. Add your website. d. Verify your site. Select “Alternative Method”. Use Meta Code (on wapka) Paste the code given to you on your head tag via Edit Site~Global Settings~Head Tags . You can also paste your Title and site Description there. (meta tags). Then, your site can now be crawled. Note: It takes at least 24hrs for your site to appear on Google. 2. Submitting your sitemap: By submitting your sitemap, Google now takes all shortcuts to your sites without crawling all your pages before it filters infos. With the sitemap, you can set restriction on pages, forums e.t.c. Procedure a. Add your sitemap via Edit Site~Global Settings~Head Tags~Sitemap.xml (add your site and forum ids separated by commas e.g 21, 62, 53, 44, 52, f62434, f21434, f5656) b. Then go to c. Submit the sitemap with this URL http:// (e.g http:// d. Then you are good to go. Change Robot.txt I have gone through most Wapka sites and I noticed most of them cannot be indexed on the Yahoo Search Engine. WHY? The reason is from the default Robot.txt file. Before every crawler/spider crawls a site it must first of all go to the Robot.txt and check the area it must and must not crawl. Now, the default wapka Robot.txt goes like this: User-agent: Slurp Disallow: / User-agent: * Disallow: Crawl-delay: 60 Let me analyze them: User agent means the name of the crawler, slurp is yahoo, googlebot is google and so on. User agent: * means all the spiders but user agent: slurp or user agent: googlebot specifies the particular spider you are referring to and Disallow: / means that the crawler should not touch or crawl any of your site page. Disallow: means the spider is free to access all your page. User Agent: Slurp Disallow: / means that Yahoo Bot should not touch your site and that’s why Wapka sites do not appear in Yahoo Search. If you want your site to be crawled and be visible on all Search Engine put this in your Robot.txt file via Edit Site~Global Settings~Head Tags~Robot.txt User Agent: * Disallow: 1. Keyword in Domain name– If you are interested in some specific field like SEO make sure you include keyword in your domain for example Must Read: Simple Ways to Help Keyword Research for your Ecommerce SEO Must Read: 5 Key Features You Will Find In Premium Keyword Research Software 2. Keyword in Post Url- Always change your post permalink if there is no keyword in the Url, blogger and WordPress by default adds title as the permalink. If you don’t see title of the post in the Url, then you need to change your permalinks option. beginners/ is better than site_51.xhtml 3. Keywords in Title tag,headings, meta description and in Body- Use at least one keyword in title tag, headings and meta description. Don’t use too many keywords in body, you can also use keywords in subheadings. If you are on WordPress self hosted blog you can use “ WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin to automate all above tasks. Must Read: 5 Key Features You Will Find In Premium Keyword Research Software 4. Optimize Images- Add alt tags and title in all of your images and make sure to optimize the size to cut the server load. For WordPress you can use plugin to automate this task and for other platform you can use standalone software like Gimp or XnConvert. Reducing the image size without compromising its quality is called as lossless optimization and thus reduces the loading time of your website, Since Google has incorporated Site speed in ranking of Search Results. 5. Interlinking- Interlink all your related post, make sure your link contains keyword. Don’t link too deep and same keywords more than two times. If you are linking to other website (outbound links) always make sure that site you are linking to is a “Good Site”, don’t link your website to spam sites. 6. Optimize your Website/blog- It is proven that decreasing the loading time of your website/blog is directly affects the number of visitors/pageview. Best practice is to not exceed 100k page size and reducing unnecessary scripts and meta tags from WebPage. You can use Google Page Speed tool to check your website speed and it also suggest what action should be taken to optimize website. To optimize your Website you can use W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin. Page Speed Score of Webiz is 94/100 7. Submit your website/blog to Search Engine/ Directories- Create Google Webmaster and Analytics account submit your website including sitemap, track your rankings and other details. Submit your website/blog to Bing and other Search Engine like Baidu, Yandex etc. Listing your website in DMoz can take more than a year but if you succeed, then it will boast your overall ranking. If you can’t wait then go for Yahoo paid listing which charges around 299$. There are many web directories where you can list your website free of cost. Click hereto Submit your website to free and paid directory 8. Easy Navigation– Make sure user can navigate your website without any problem,include two sitemaps one for visitors and other for Search Engines. Use breadcrumbs for internal sitemaps and Xml sitemaps for Search Engines. Must Read: SEO In Your Web Design 9. Quality Contents– Provide quality contents to your visitors, engage visitors and decrease bounce rate of your website. Don’t copy other’s work, write fresh contents,easy to read and primarily for your readers not for Search Engine. Content is King But SEO is Queen 10. Social Network- Create Social Profile on various Social Networksuch as Facebook, Twitter, Google , LinkedIn etc and daily share your post/ article’s on these Social Network. Make sure you put your domain name in Social NetworkProfiles.
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